Inveterate Media Junkies™ #5.1 Podcast

THE BOYS ARE BACK with Inveterate Media Junkies Podcast #5 Part 1... So BIG, SO OVERBLOWN, IT MUST BE LISTENED TO IN TWO PARTS!

IDIOTWATCH makes a WELCOME return as Comic Retailer/Critic Jose Melendez and Hollywood Insideman Ian MacMillan take you through a STEP-BY-STEP dissection of the NON-HIRING of AOTS Guest Host Extraordinaire ALISON HAISLIP... Giving you the Hows & Whys the Ding-Dongs currently running G4 TV made a HUGE MISTAKE by not picking this RISING STAR to Co-Host AOTS with Kevin Pereira. The fans feel SCREWED, deep down Alison MUST feel SCREWED and if G4 doesn't watch themselves-- we and she will MOVE ON to BIGGER & BETTER things... And BRACE YOURSELF! Jose gives you his VERDICT on OLIVIA MUNN'S New Primetime Show Perfect Couples-- and let's you know whether the Nerd Queen was smart to have quit her DAY JOB. Keep those nasty emails and tweets coming!

NEW SEGMENT! MARVEL BS makes its' EARTH SHATTERING debut as Ian and Jose examine some of the latest CRAZY to blurp out of the House of Recycled Ideas. They start with "Marvel's Architect" Program and wonder how the other 3,237 writers working for Marvel NOT included in this OVER-HYPED SCHIZZ feel about NOT being labeled a VALUED ARCHITECT. Then it's on to Marvel's FIVE new $2.99 mini-series... And while The Boys laugh at some, they promise to buy real-life Comic God Jonathan Mayberry's Captain America: Hail Hydra Mini-series despite feeling like they're being taken for a ride by Marvel Management. Then Dan Slott takes a turn on the spit-- as Jose and Ian call the writer of Amazing Spider-man out for his recent less-than-professional behavior on internet message boards.

To end Part One of this Two-Part New Year Extravaganza-- The Boys analyze the November Comic Book Sales Numbers, predicting what is going to happen in January, February and BEYOND.

Oh, and Ian gets the crap SCARED out of him.

Part Two will be up shortly... But you can listen to Part One RIGHT NOW!

Hosted by Jose Melendez and Insideman, the Inveterate Media Junkies Podcast is a no-holds barred straight-forward examination and opinion forum concentrating on virtually ALL forms of media and pop culture, including: Comic Books, Television, Film & Music.

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