Inveterate Media Junkies™ #6 Podcast

Refreshed from their extended Holiday Break, the BOYS are DEFINITELY BACK and in fine form-- ready to dispense their special brand of medicine for those Wintertime Blues.

BUT FIRST... Before they start kicking butt and taking names, Ian & Jose dispense something much sweeter than even Truth and Justice... They ANNOUNCE the WINNERS of TWO DIFFERENT Inveterate Media Junkies Holiday Contests: TWO Winners (!) for the Great Graphic Novel Giveaway and the extremely coveted Prize Packages (a 5 Graphic Novel Package for the Runner Up and a 6 Book Collection worth over $125 US for the Winner). Ian also takes much pleasure in announcing the ONE LUCKY WINNER of the $50 GiFT CERTIFICATE for Christmas Day's 1st Annual "Double Secret Probation Inveterate Media Junkies Christmas Instant Win Contest".

After all the goodness, you'll need to steel yourself for the crap-- as it starts rolling fast & furious. (Tends to build up when you haven't recorded a 'cast in six weeks.)

Podcast #6 starts in earnest with a HEAVY DOSE of Marvel BS-- featuring the Boy's take on the rumors that the House of Ideas will be lowering their comic book prices to $2.99. Skepticism lies thick and heavy as the IMJ Men discuss the SIGNIFICANCE of Marvel releasing the Polybagged Fantastic Four #587 a DAY EARLY-- blowing the industry's agreed upon release dates. After discussing Marvel's tendency to game the system, it's on to Jason Aaron's BLUE ADVICE for renowned industry vet Alan Moore and it leads into a natural discussion about the conduct of many Marvel players-- including recently promoted Marvel Editor Tom Brevoort-- who never seems to pass up a chance to take a HUGE SWING at his employer's competitors-- especially when they are the Distinguished Competition.

NEW SEGMENT TIME! Jose and Ian turn their laser-like attention on the OTHER member of Comic Book Publishing's "Big Two"-- DC Comics-- in a NEW SEGMENT that had to be called "DC BS".. Up for examination is DC's lameass decision to no longer shrinkwrap Books that cost less than $49.99... And the upcoming MASSIVE FLASHPOINT CROSSOVER that includes WELL OVER 60+ Comic Books!

YOU will NOT BELIEVE what Jose tells you about this crossover and why-- if you are a DC Fan-- you will most likely be less than happy with the publisher... Despite their recently becoming the comic book industry's Low Price Leader.

And finally, just because it makes NO SENSE: Ian and Jose delve deep into the firing/quitting/negotiated exit of liberal minded pundit and MSNBC News Network Mega-Star Keith Olbermann. Find out what his departure means for MSNBC, the voices that appeal to progressive viewers and what just may be the PLUCKY Mr. Olbermann's next career move!

That's the Inveterate Media Junkies Podcast-- The ONLY WEEKLY PROGRAM where you can find IMJ Founder Jose Melendez... And co-founder Ian MacMillan too... And please come visit the MASSIVELY REDESIGNED IMJ WEBSITE-- the ONLY SITE on the INTERNET where you can interact with Jose (and Ian)! The door's wide open... And the site is a great place to converse with lovers of all kinds of media and entertainment!

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