Inveterate Media Junkies™ #9 Podcast


Grab a six-pack, a sandwich and at least one bag of chips and settle in... It's going to be a bumpy ride (at least, for Ian)!

Ready to pounce after a much needed hiatus, Jose Melendez and Ian MacMillian get right to work welcoming BEST SELLING Novelist and EXCEPTIONAL Comic Book Creator JONATHAN MABERRY to the Inveterate Media Junkies™ esteemed roster of Contributors. The boys give a hardy "Hello!" to Powerhouse Radio Presenter Lliana Bird who graces her first ever IMJ Podcast-- upping the level of professionalism on the whole affair TREMENDOUSLY.

Be warned: There is MAJOR NEWS about FUTURE PODCASTS inside!

Then Ian and Jose turn their attention to some of the BIGGER NEWS STORIES that have BROKEN WIDE during their absence from the Podcast Waves-- including the DC Comics REBOOT, reimagining-- whatever-- and the pending arrival of 52 NEW #1 COMIC BOOKS! There's also a plethora of Marvel Comics Commentary and HIGH HOPES for the new Captain America: The First Avenger movie! LOTS of other stuff too... But you'll just have to listen to find out. :D

Then onto a MASSIVE Image Comics REVIEW-A-THON!

Jose and Ian give an in-depth look into the following HOT Image Comic Books-- with the reviews ranging from "WOW!" to "WHOA!":






Then it's on to an impromptu discussion on Disney and Marvel Studios-- just what the $4 BILLION deal was REALLY WORTH and how much it will be worth in the FUTURE... And when -- or if-- Marvel can EVER expect to get control of some of their BIGGEST & HOTTEST Movie Properties (like Spider-man & X-men) ever again!

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